Cheesy Vegetable Potato Rosti

Potato Rosti is the Indians’ take on savoury pancakes packed with a punch of flavours. This crispy flat delicacy is filled with gooey fillings of cheese and delicious vegetables and is a wholesome meal that will leave you happy and satiated.  You won’t be finding potato rosti in your regular restaurants and I wonder why? I have remodified the usual potato rosti recipes and have added my own twist, which I am sure would be loved by you.


Vegetables stuffed Potato Rosti


Potato rosti made its first appearance at weddings and ever since then we have been drooling over its crispy texture and crumbly fillings. Tell me that you haven’t tried potato rosti just because you anticipated the recipe to be time-consuming. My potato rosti recipe will take less than 30 minutes to make right from preparation to serving it on a plate. It’s filled with a filling of onion, spinach and mushroom to balance your needs for vegetables in a dish. You can take a healthy road by choosing cottage cheese (Paneer) instead of cheese. However, I guess, it’s okay to cheat a little, especially when the meal on a plate is going to be Potato Rosti.


This recipe is curated to serve 4 adult individuals. Adjust the measurements as per your need.


Ingredients for Potato Rosti


For the Filling


100 Grams of grated Cheese

1 TBSP olive oil

½ Cup Thinly diced mushrooms

1 Onion thinly sliced

½ cup Blanched spinach

(  Boil some water in a pan. Add Spinach to it. Remove the spinach from heat after 1 minute. Transfer the spinach into a bowl of Ice Cold Water.)

1 TSP Chilli Flakes

½ Tsp pepper


1 TSP sugar


For the Base

6-8 Par Boiled Potatoes

2 TBSP Cream Cheese


Oil/ Butter


Equipment needed

A non-stick pan


Step by step procedure to make the best potato rosti


This recipe is perfect for you even if you are trying your hands-on cooking for the first time. I have simplified the recipe in detailed steps so that you don’t mess it anywhere.


  • Peel your potatoes. Now, microwave them for 8 minutes while you continue to prep for the rosti filling.

Don’t have a microwave? Well, you can pressure cook the potatoes until soft. Add potatoes to the pressure cooker. Add 2 cups of water and salt to it. Now, pressure cook it for 4-5 whistles and turn off the heat.


Potatoes shouldn’t be fully cooked. If I am talking in terms of Pasta, it should be Al-Dente. Parboil them so that they aren’t hard but not mushy either. They should be soft and easy to poke through.


  • In a pan add 1 TBSP olive oil. Add thinly sliced onions to it and a TSP of sugar to the pan. Let it caramelize on medium-low heat. This will take around 6-7 minutes. Keep on shifting the mixture in between. The onions should look brown when you take them off the heat.


  • In a different pan, add 1 TBSP olive oil. Add mushrooms to the pan and let it cook for 3-4 minutes on high heat. Add Spinach to it and give it a good mix. Add salt, pepper and chilli flakes to the mixture and turn off the heat.


  • Meanwhile, your potatoes would be done. Grate the potatoes in a large plate. Once the potatoes cool down, add 2 TBSP cream cheese and salt to the plate. Mix everything using your hands or spatula and keep it aside while we assemble everything.


  • Now take a non-stick pan. Heat it and brush it with butter everywhere. Keep the flame on medium-low while you assemble the rosti. Add 3-4 spoonfuls of potato mix to the pan. Flatten the mixture as thinly as you could using a griddle. A wooden griddle or spoon works the best. Brush the wooden spoon with some oil to stop the potatoes from sticking. Add more mix only if required.


  • Now add the mixture of mushroom spinach on top of the potato base. Add some caramelised onions to it and layer it with a generous amount of cheese. You can never have too much cheese, can you?


  • Now, add 3-4 spoonfuls of potato mixture and close the cavity. Flatten it as thin as you could and ensure that the potato mixture is evenly spread on the top. Don’t apply too much pressure.


  • Now close the lid and let the base cook for nearly 6-7 minutes. Ensure that the flame is medium-low so that the rosti gets evenly cooked.


  • Flip the rosti using a griddle and let the other side cook for another 5 minutes. Close the lid while cooking.


  • Once crispy on both sides, remove it and place it on a plate. I love to brush my rosti with Butter while eating. You can eat this alone or with ketchup, as you please. However, the flavours inside are the bomb in themselves that it does not require any additional pairings.


Make remaining rosti’s using the same procedure.


Try this potato rosti for your evening snacks or even dinner and we are sure your family would love it. Serve them hot and dig in this scrumptious meal for days when you feel like cheating. This one’s filled with the goodness of vegetables and the taste of fast food. Trust us, there couldn’t be a better day to try this delicious appetizer if you still haven’t. Head to your kitchen and surprise your family with your extraordinary skills.