Falooda Recipe | Rose Falooda Drink With Ice Cream

Falooda Recipe doesn’t need any introduction to many. It’s a cold drink/dessert popularly served during summers. Falooda  or Rose Falooda Recipe Drink is one the most liked dessert recipe that is usually served in a glass that has its origins in Iran but nowadays famous in all the countries 😛 . This summer drink with multiple colour layers has made its remark into many countries including India. In our country it has became an integral part of the menus during summers for street food hawkers that sell drinks, ice cream parlours and restaurants which serve numerous variations of the basic falooda recipe. Served either just as a drink or as an ice cream float, it is actually extremely nice in colour mixture to look at and tastes even better!

falooda Recipe


Falooda Recipe

My family love this cool drink to beat the heat in summers. Even I love the Falooda Recipe a lot. With lots of goodness and healthy ingredients used in the recipe , I make it frequently at my place. This tasty recipe helps me keep my kids away from other soft drinks that are actually not healthy for us 🙄 . The basic falooda recipe, a milk based dessert, has rose syrup, falooda sev or vermicelli made from arrowroot or corn flour, milk, falooda seeds (basil seeds) and ice cream going into it. Indian falooda recipe has transformed into various flavors like saffron, pistachio, mango, strawberry, chocolate, rabri etc. Fruit falooda is also very popular and healthy where the basic falooda recipe is layered with chopped fresh fruits.

Homemade falooda recipe is easy to put together with all the easily available ingredients in few minutes provided you have all the falooda ingredients on hand. Falooda sev can be made at home using corn flour. Falooda seeds need to soak for a few minutes to swell. Use full fat milk and boil the milk till it reduces to three fourth of its original quantity as it is best to enhance the creaminess and flavor. Use good quality rose syrup or you can also use roohafza. Pistachios and almonds add a bit of crunch and richness to the falooda. Top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have a delicious dessert in a glass ready to serve.

This sweet drink has contrasting flavors and textures with chewy falooda seeds, soft noodles and jelly, melt in the mouth ice cream and crunchy nuts. Every sip of the dessert is luscious and truly a taste of heaven!

All that we need to make Falooda Recipe | Rose Falooda Drink With Ice Cream

Very simple, cool and refreshing ingredients are in the list of all that we need to make Falooda Recipe | Rose Falooda Drink With Ice Cream. Like any other home made drink, Falooda Recipe is also prepared every evening or alternate evenings at my place as my kids and even me ;P loved its cooling taste and and creamy texture. For such a blessed drink, all that is needed in your kitchen are the few ingredients like- Milk, jelly, rose syrup (or any other syrup of your taste), falooda sev, falooda seeds, Ice cream (preferred vanilla flavor) and pistachio (and other dry fruits of your choice).

How to make Falooda Recipe | Rose Falooda Drink With Ice Cream

To get started with this recipe, we need to do some preparations. At the initial point to prepare this Falooda dessert recipe, transfer the milk and sugar in a deep-thick bottomed pan and let it boil once over medium flame and then simmer the flame. Let it boil till it reduces to 1 1/2 cups. Add 1 1/2 to 2 tbsps of rose syrup to the milk and mix well. Once it has thickened, turn off flame and bring to room temperature.



Meanwhile, make jelly as per the instructions given on the packet. Cool and refrigerate. Once cool, cut into small cubes and set aside.


Now, place a sauce pan with water over medium flame and bring it to a boil. Add falooda sev in it so that it softens. Once done, drain the water and transfer the cooked sev in a bowl containing cold water (you can refrigerate the sev also)

To Make Falooda Sev, follow the steps:
  • Mix the cornflour in 1 cup water and bring to a boil. With continuous stirring all the time, simmer the flame.
  • As soon as it becomes translucent, switch off the heat.
  • Transfer the ready cornflour paste on to the medium hole size sieve and press with the spoon to form the sev and be sure that pressed paste falls into the iced water in shreds.
  • Leave for 30 minutes. Drain and sev can be used for Falooda or Kulfi.

Soak falooda seeds in a cup of water for 30 minutes and allow to bloom. Set aside.  Chill the serving glasses in the freezer for half an hour.

To assemble falooda recipe: Take the chilled serving glass and add a generous tbsp of rose syrup or roohafza. Add 2 tbsps of jelly cubes, followed by 2 heaped tbsps of bloomed falooda seeds. Next layer with 1/4 cup of falooda sev.


falooda Recipe

Now Slowly pour the chilled rose milk till 3/4th level of the glass. Next add two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.

falooda Recipe

Finally for beautiful view of the dessert, drizzle some more rose syrup, garnish with crushed dry fruits. Serve immediately to avoid the ice cream from melting and over flowing.

falooda Recipe

You can experiment with the flavours; you can add chopped fruits on the top like cherries, blue berries, grapes etc. Also different dry fruits can be added as a layer in the serving glass. Berry syrups can also be used a s a replacement of rose syrup.