Instant Rava Vada Recipe | Instant Suji Vada Recipe

Instant Rava Vada Recipe is an instant, tasty ūüėõ , crunchy and tempting snack that goes well with both breakfast or evening snack¬†for which the batter is prepared with rava/semolina/suji. Whenever you wish to prepare¬†vadas¬†instantly these sooji¬†vadas¬†are a must try. As compared to dal¬†vada¬†making sooji¬†vadas like any other instant recipe¬†is quite easy and quick. Rava¬†vadas¬†are very easy to prepare. No hours of soaking and grinding is required, they can be prepared within an hour.

Instant rava Vada Recipe

Instant Rava Vada Recipe | Instant Suji Vada Recipe

These deep fried instant rava vada recipe is a perfect lunch box recipe for your kids. These steaming hot instant semolina vadas make a perfect mouth watering snack that can be served with any chutney or dip like green coriander chutney or imli chutney. The Rava Vada is a very popular in its kind South Indian snack, which has a unique taste and fabulous texture. Moreover, it is very quick and easy because no earlier preparation is required to prepare the vada batter. So, you can make this without any fuss when ever your kids demand a quick snack or some guests are at your door.

The semolina and curd mixture dough gives the Rava Vada a wonderful crispness. The readily available in your kitchen but thoughtfully combined ingredients like ginger, green chillies, herbs and coconut give it a lingering flavour and super aroma. You can fry 4-5 vadas at a time. Drain and serve them hot with coconut chutney.

There are so many things which you can do with these you can make sambar vada, rasam vada or dahi vada or simply serve with a chutney and a cup of tea or coffee.

All that we need to make Rava Vada Recipe | Instant Suji Vada Recipe:

For making crunchy, yummy and yet easy instant rava vada, you will need very very simple ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen cupboards. Using semolia (suji/ rava) and sour curd as the basic main ingredients and for tempering you will need salt, chilli, cumin seeds and few other spices. For a twist with complete plain vada, I have used onion, ginger and green chillies in the chopped form in the batter. Only these few basic ingredients are in the list of ingredients required for making such an easy and tasty recipe of Instant rava vada.

How to Make Rava Vada Recipe | Instant Suji Vada Recipe:

To start preparing the recipe in a step by step process, we need to initiate the recipe by soaking rava in yogurt and normal room water for 10 minutes. Remember: the curd and water should be kept at normal temperature. Freeze or warm can alter the preparation of dish. Mix the three basic elements well to form the dough. The dough must bind well if it is dry you can sprinkle some more water, but it should not be in runny state too.

Instant rava Vada Recipe

Meanwhile, chop onions, chilies, curry leaves and coriander leaves and shred the ginger stem. Add baking powder, onions, chilies, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cumin, salt and ginger to the soaked rava and smooth the dough. Leave the dough for 10 minutes, so that the sooji absorbs all the moisture and all we get is superb smooth dough.

Instant rava Vada Recipe

Now wet both hands with water and take a ball sized dough. Flatten with hands and make a hole in centre to give the perfect shape of vada to the batter in hand. Some people make the vadas without hole but I prefer to give that complete look to enhance the presentation at final stage.
  Instant rava Vada Recipe
Further, with soft hands slowly drop into semi hot oil. Fry the vadas in the batches of two or three at a time on medium flame with stirring occasionally. Flame should not be high as it will burn the vadas from outside and will remain uncooked from inside. Very low flame is also not required as it will the vadas with oil, which spoils the taste.
Fry the vadas till they turn golden brown from both sides. Drain over kitchen towel or paper to remove excess oil.
Finally, serve instant rava vada with your favourite chutney and chai or coffee.
Instant rava Vada Recipe


  • Using sour curd¬†makes vada more tasty.
  • You can add a pinch of baking soda if you like to have more fluffy vadas.
  • Onions, chillies and ginger are optional, can be skipped to prepared plain vada.