Til Gur ke Laddu Recipe

Til Gur ke Laddu|Til Gur ke Laddu Recipe|

Til Gur ke Laddu Recipe is one of the traditional sweets liked in winters. Lot of chikkis and laddus are prepared in Indian families during winters like Mungfali or Til ki Chikki, Mungfali Caramel Laddu, Mungfali Gur ki Gachak. But this Til Gur ke Laddu is the most loved one because it is related to Ganesha Chaturthi and is made as one of the prasad for Ganpati.

Here in the recipe I have used just til and jagerry.



Sesame/Til-1 bowl

Jagerry/Gud-3/4 bowl

Ghee-1 table spoon



  1. Heat a pan at low flame and slightly dry roast sesame seeds. Keep a side.Til Gud ke Laddu
  2. Heat a thick bottom non stick pan at low flame and add ghee to just warm it at low flame.Til Gud ke Laddu
  3. Now add jagerry and stir continuously at low flame. Stirring is important now otherwise gur can get hardened and will make crystals or will get burnt leaving bitter taste.Til Gud ke Laddu
  4. Once gur melts completely and syrup color will change to golden brown, add the roasted sesame seeds to the pan.Til Gud ke Laddu
  5. Close the flame and mix both the ingredients quickly before it sets hard.Til Gud ke Laddu
  6. Now rub little ghee in your hands and make medium sized laddus. Let them cool down completely and then store in an air tight container.Til Gud ke Laddu