Aam Ka Achaar , Mango Pickle Recipe

| Aam Ka Achaar | Mango Pickle Recipe |

Aam Ka Achaar Recipe- Summer season is incomplete with out making few batches of every ones favourite pickles and preserves. Mango pickle tops the list as it is every ones favourite and easily available and reasonably priced during summer season. There are so many types of mango pickles made with slight difference in each recipes.

Mango pickle or Aam Ka Achaar is a spicy and tangy condiment. Almost every Indian household has their own favorite recipes for Mango Pickle.

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Raw Mango (Kachchi Kerry)- 2 kg

Fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana)- 50 gm

Onion seeds (Kalaunji)– 25 gm

Fennel seeds (Saunf) – 25 gm

Red chilli Powder – 50 gm

Turmeric powder – 50 gm

Mustard oil – 200 ml

Salt- 200 gm



  1. Wash and peel the raw mangoes. Cut them in cubes of four or six pieces removing the seeds.
  2. Spread the mango pieces to dry under sun on a clean cloth for about 5 to 6 hours.
  3. Now take a large bowl and transfer all the dry ingredients- methi dana, saunf, kalaunji, chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt. Mix all the spices well.
  4. Put oil to the dry ingredients and mix generously to coat all the spices with oil.
  5. Now add dry mango pieces to the masala and mix with hands, so that all the mango pieces are well blended with masala.
  6. Transfer the achaar to the air tight clean dry container and close tight.
  7. Keep the container under sun for about 4 to 5 days stirring it occasionally.
  8. After around week, your tangy and spicy Aam ka Achaar will be ready for eating.