Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar Shalgam Achar Recipe

Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar Shalgam Achar|Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar Shalgam Achar Recipe|

Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar Shalgam Achar Recipe- Delicious sweet pickle made with a combination of cauliflower, carrots and turnips. This is the most in demand achar recipe in winters. It is actually a combination of carrots, cauliflower and turnip famous as “ khatta meetha gobhi gajar shalgam achar ”.

But I have opted out turnip as I don’t like it very much. This is my mom’s traditional recipe full of sweet n sour flavors with gur n vinegar. We all love this achar so much that we eat it like any veggie.



Cualiflower-2 kg

Carrot-1 kg

Ginger-200 gm

Gur-250 gm

White vinegar-2 table spoon

Red chilly powder-5 to 6 table spoon

Salt-10 to 12 table spoon

Garam masala-2 table spoon

Mustard oil-5 to 6 table spoon



  1. Wash both the vegetables under running water and cut into thick broad pieces.Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar Shalgam Achar
  2. Boil water in a big open vessel at high flame. Wash all the vegetables in this water. Wash cauliflower before carrots and turnips otherwise all the dust can enter cauliflower pieces.gobhi-2
  3. Now let the vegetables get dry for 5 to 6 hours under sun.Exif_JPEG_420
  4. For final preparations, peel, wash and grate ginger. Heat mustard oil in an open tarka pan or karahi.Exif_JPEG_420
  5. Add shredded ginger to the karhai and cook at low flame till golden brown.Exif_JPEG_420
  6. Now add salt, chilly powder and garam masala to the karhai.Exif_JPEG_420
  7. Mix well and close the flame. Keep this ready mixture a side for later use.Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar Shalgam Achar
  8. Heat another pan; add vinegar and gur at low flame to make sweet-sour syrup. Once the syrup is ready, close the flame.Exif_JPEG_420
  9. Add this vinegar and gur syrup to the ginger masala and mix well.Exif_JPEG_420
  10. Now slowly add washed and dried vegetables to this masala and mix well using hands or large spatula.Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gaajar achhar
  11. Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar shalgam achar is ready to eat. For storage, keep this achar in an air tight container.Khatta Meetha Gobhi Gajar Shalgam Achar