Bread And Potato Cutlets Recipe

Bread And Potato Cutlets Recipe- Cutlets can be made out of many ingredients used in kitchen. You can mix variety of vegetables to make vegetable cutlets or you can go for dal cutlets, dalia cutlets, oats cutlets or simply bread potato cutlets, that we are going to make today.

I am using left over bread crumbs and boiled potatoes as main ingredients for the recipe. This is a nice, easy, crunchy and very much loved recipe by all the kids. Also to make it even more special for kids i have tried many interesting shapes. My own daughter loves lollipops made out of this recipe. So here we go!!!

Steps to Cook Bread And Potato Cutlets Recipe

Wash and boil potatoes in a pressure cooker. Peel them off and mash using a masher or shred them to get even consistency.


Take a grinder and grind bread or bread crumbs to get nice fine powder out of it. Keep 1/4 of bread powder a side for coating the cutlets.


Take a bowl and mix mashed potato, 3/4th of bread powder, salt , coriander powder and chaat masala. Knead it to make smooth dough.


Take a small ball of dough with wet your hands and give any desired shape. I have made fish, star, lollipop, ring and smiley.

Bread Potato Cutlets Recipe

Bread Potato Cutlets Recipe


Similarly make all the cutlets from the dough and coat them with bread powder.

Bread Potato Cutlets Recipe


Heat oil in a deep frying pan and at medium high flame, deep fry cutlets till they get golden brown colour. Serve hot with your favorite chutney or ketchup or just pack in the tiffin for your kids.

Bread Potato Cutlets Recipe


What we need to cook Bread And Potato Cutlets Recipe

Here comes the easy and quick recipe for cutlets using just left over ingredients. Usually we do have certain left over ingredients in our kitchen that we can combine together to innovate that into a very tasty snack. So we require the Potatoes, Bread, Salt, Coriander powder, Chaat masala and  Oil.