Mungfali Til Chikki


| Mungfali Til Chikki Recipe |

mungfali til chikkiMungfali Til Chikki is a traditional Indian sweet generally made from groundnuts (peanuts) and jaggery. … Each variety of chikki is named depending upon the ingredients used, which include puffed or roasted Bengal gram, sesame, puffed rice, beaten rice etc. Winters are here and chikki, gachak¬†are the most liked snack in this season. Whether it is chikki or laddu made of peanuts, til or , any other dry fruit; every variant of this recipe is liked in this season by everyone. Here in the recipe I have used just peanuts, sesame and dry coconut to blend in sugar caramel and make mungfali til chikki.

Caramel is in fact a flavor that adds a perfect sweet aroma and crunchy taste to every dish in which it is added.



Peanut/Mungfali-1 bowl

Sesame/Til-1/2 bowl

Dry coconut-1 pc

Sugar-2 bowl bowl

Ghee-3 table spoon



  1. Heat a pan at low flame and slightly dry roast peanut seeds and sesame seeds separately. Keep a side.
  2. Shred the coconut and keep a side for later use.mungfali til chikki
  3. Heat a non stick pan at low flame and add ghee and heat at low flame.mungfali til chikki
  4. Now add sugar and stir continuously at low flame. Continuous stir the mixture otherwise sugar can be transformed to crystals or will get burnt leaving bitter taste.mungfali til chikki
  5. First sugar will start getting hard and then it will start melting.
  6. Once sugar melts completely and syrup color will change to golden brown, add all the dry ingredients to the pan.mungfali til chikki
  7. Close the flame and mix all ingredients quickly before it sets hard.mungfali til chikki
  8. Now using your hands give any desired shape.mungfali til chikki