Paneer Tikka Recipe

paneer tikka|Paneer Tikka Recipe|

Paneer Tikka Recipe is an Indian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor. It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka and other meat dishes. Paneer Tikka is liked and served in almost every small or big party as a starter. Marinated cubes of cottage cheese and other veggies.

It is a well balance recipe of grilled crunch outside and softness inside with a mouth watering flavor.  This melt in the mouth starter is really easy and quick to prepare. Serve it as a starter or evening snacks.



Paneer-100 gms

Tomato-100 gms

Green bell pepper- 100 gms

Onion-100 gms

Fresh Coriander leaves-4-5 stems

Curd- 4 tablespoon

Vegetable oil- 1 tea spoon

Red chilly powder- 1 tea spoon

Coriander powder-1 tea spoon

Garam Masala-1 tea spoon

Chaat Masala-1 tea spoon

Ketchup-4-5 table spoons

Salt- to taste



  1. Cut tomato and pepper and remove seeds from both. Cut tomato, pepper, paneer in square cubes (aprox. 1 inch) and keep it aside.
  2. Similarly peel onion and cut into four parts and peel its outer 2 -3 shells.paneer tikka
  3. Take a bowl and mix curd, salt, chilly powder, garam masala, chaat masala, coriander powder. paneer tikka
  4. Add ketchup to the marination bowl and mix well.paneer tikka
  5. Add all the veggies to this bowl and leave it for 10 minutes for marination. Sprinkle chopped fresh coriander leaves and mix well to coat all the vegetables.paneer tikka
  6. Take a toothpick and skew a piece of pepper, cheese, tomato and onion. Similarly skew all the marinated veggies to toothpicks. Place all the toothpicks on grill stand.paneer tikka
  7. Sprinkle a spoon of oil on to the skewed veggies. And place the stand in microwave.
  8. Cook on the grill mode for 10 minutes or until it gets a nice light brown colour. (don’t overcook, otherwise cheese will get tight)paneer tikka
  9. Serve the dish hot with ketchup or dahi dhania chutney.paneer tikka