Seviyan Kheer Recipe | Vermicelli & Milk Dessert Recipe

Seviyan Kheer Recipe | Vermicelli & Milk Dessert Recipe- Roasted vermicelli cooked in milk. Vermicelli/ Seviyan Kheer is one of the popular desserts made in every Indian household for special occasions. It is a simple yet a traditional recipe to make.

Seviyans are thin long strings that looks very much like spaghetti however process if different. Seviyan is a delicious and an easy recipe to make. We can make basic seviyan using milk, seviyan and sugar, and then flavored with cardamom. Garnish with sliced almonds and pistachios and you have a delicious dish!


What we need to Cook Seviyan Kheer Recipe | Vermicelli & Milk Dessert Recipe

To make this this simply delicious desert, we need these ingredients- Seviyan- 1/2 cup

Milk- 1 cup

Condensed milk- 1/2 cup

Water- 1/4 cup

Almonds-7 to 8 pc


Steps to Cook Seviyan Kheer Recipe | Vermicelli & Milk Dessert Recipe

Heat a pan or karahi, dry roast seviyaan at low flame. Continuously stir the seviyaan to avoid it from burning. Once it changes the colour to light brown, close the flame.


Meanwhile roughly crush the almonds or any other dry fruit of your choice. Mix milk and water in a deep frying pan and heat up to one boil. Slow down the flame.


Add roasted saviyan to the boiling milk and cook for 2 to 3 minutes while continuously stirring. It will take few minutes to blend seviyan and milk.


Now add condensed milk to the boiling mixture and mix well to get smooth texture.


Add crushed almonds or dry fruits to the kheer and cook at low flame. Stir it slowly whenever a layer of cream is formed over the milk.


After around 5 minutes, everything will be blended nicely. So you can close the flame.


The ready desert can be served hot or can be chilled for an hour and served after garnishing with almonds or pistachio.