Khaman Dhokla in Microwave Recipe

| Khaman Dhokla in Microwave Recipe |

Khaman Dhokla Microwave Recipe- Dhokla or Khaman Dhokla is one of the famous dish of Gujrat that is liked world wide. Dhokla recipe or khaman dhokla is a quick, gluten-free, healthy, steamed Gujarati snack made with besan.

(Besan) Khaman dhokla microwave, is a tasty Gujarati snack. This salty snack has a texture similar to cake. This is a popular street food in Gujarat.  The best snacks are usually easy and quick to make. This is a delicious snack, or side dish that can go with any meal.


For Dhokla batter-

Besan (Gram flour) – 1 cup

Suji (Rawa/ Semolina)- 1/4 cup

Curd- 1/2 cup

Salt-1 tea spoon

Turmeric powder- 1 tea spoon

Sugar- 2 tea spoon

Baking Powder- 2 tea spoon

For tempering-

Water- 1 cup

Sugar- 3 to 4 table spoon

Salt- 1 table spoon

Lemon juice- 1 table spoon

Green chilli- 3 to 4 pc

Curry leaves-5 to 6 pc

Mustard seeds- 1 table spoon


  1. Transfer besan, suji, salt, turmeric powder, sugar and baking powder in a large bowl. Mix allthe dry ingredients well.
  2. Add curd and water to make smooth batter for dhokla.
  3. Take a microwavable square bowl and grease it with little oil. Put the ready batter to the greased bowl and microwave it for around 4 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Check the dhokla with knife. (dip the knife in dhokla, if it comes out clean then the dhokla is ready)
  5. Let the dhokla get cool at room temperature and then cut it into square pieces.

For Tempering-

  1. Heat oil in a pan, add curry leaves, chillies and mustard seeds to the oil.
  2. Add a cup of water, salt and sugar. Cook to the boil and close the flame.
  3. Now add lemon juice and spread the water over dhokla pieces.
  4. Let the dhokla absorb all the water to get nice watery spongy flavor and get cool in refrigerator or just at room temperature.
  5. Now you can serve and enjoy the khaman dhokla with sweet n sour tempering over it.