Tikhi Dhaniya Chutney Recipe

|Tikhi Dhaniya Chutney Recipe|

Tikhi Dhaniya Chutney Recipe- Tikhi chutney made by fresh green coriander leaves and green chillies seasoned with spices is a perfect side recipe for any snacks, starters or meal. Skipping the garlic can make this recipe ideal for fast/vrat meals also

Chutneys are the heart of Indian food and Dhaniya chutney is the one recipe that can be transformed into variety of different ways. It can be made tikhi, dahi-dhaniya chutney or khatti meethi dhaniya chutney. Every kind of this chutney is just delicious to go with either pakoras or any other snacks.



Fresh green coriander leaves-1 bunch

Green chilly-5 to 6 pc

Lemon-1 pc

Ginger-1 inch stem

Garlic-5 to 6 pc

Cumin seeds-1 tea spoon

Water-4 to 5 table spoon

Salt-to taste



  1. Clean the coriander leaves nicely to remove all the unwanted leaves and stem. Wash in running water to remove all the dust.
  2. Cut the chilies from top to remove stem part. Peel off the ginger and garlic and roughly cut ginger into pieces.gingergarlic
  3. Dry roast cumin seeds on a hot flat pan and keep a side.
  4. Take a grinder and add all the ingredients into it except lemon and water. Grind the ingredients to form a thick paste.
  5. Once all ingredients are mashed into thick paste, add water just to make its consistency liquid.
  6. Again grind it for 30 seconds to make fine smooth running paste.
  7. Finally squeeze lemon into chutney and Tikhi Dhaniya chutney is ready to be part of snacks or meal.