Veg Chilli Momo Recipe

| Veg Chilli Momo Recipe |

Veg Chilli momoVeg Chilli Momo Recipe- Hot and spicy Veg Chilli Momo is a delicious healthy recipe in a veg version of its original non-veg counterpart extremely famous in Nepal. But with its good taste and healthy recipe, it is very much loved snacks dish in hilly areas of India too.

Simply momos are made in Steamed form (Steamed veg momo recipe). But to experiment and change its original flavor, I have also tried its other variants like Fried Vegetable Momo, Cheese Momo, Noodle Momo, Tawa Momo (Kothey).



Fried Momos– 6 to 7 pc

Cabbage– 1/4 bunch

Tomato- 1 pc

Bell Pepper- 1 pc

Onion- 1 large pc

Vegetable oil- 4 table spoon

Soya sauce- 1 table spoon

Tomato ketchup- 2 table spoon

Momo chutney– 4 to 5 table spoon

Salt- to taste



  1. I have used fried momos in this recipe. For its complete preparation, click the link-Fried Vegetable MomoVeg Chilli momo
  2. Wash and cut all the vegetables in thin long slices and keep a side for later use.
  3. Heat a spoon of oil in an open pan. Add onion slices to the pan and cook for a while at low flame till it turns light pink in colour.
  4. Add all other vegetables and cook until they get soft and light in colour. Season with salt and red chilli powder.
  5. Add soya sauce, ketchup and momo chutney to the cooked veggies. Stir well to mix all the ingredients.
  6. Add fried momos to the pan and mix generously at high flame for a minute.Veg Chilli momo
  7. Close the flame and serve hot with red kachumber salad.Veg Chilli momo