Aloo Tikki Kathi Roll Recipe

| Aloo Tikki Kathi Roll Recipe |

Aloo tikki kathi RollAloo Tikki Kathi Roll- Wheat flour/All purpose flour thin chapatti made up by filling creamy mayonnaise, butter and tikki.  Tikki Kathi Roll is a healthy and quick breakfast idea in your busy schedule for you and your kid. Here I have used wheat flour and Aloo tikki which can be easily transformed using dalia tikki to move to the healthier side of dish. I my self love Kathi rolls and make them in variety of ways to pack it as lunch for my daughter.

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Wheat flour/All purpose flour- 1 bowl

Tikki- 2 pc (Aloo tikki, Dalia tikki, Hariyali tikki, vegetable tikki, or any as per your taste)


Mayonnaise-2 spoon

Ketcup-1 spoon

Butter 2 spoon

Salt-to taste

Red chilly flakes-to taste

Garam masala-1/2 tea spoon

Chaat Masala-1/2 tea spoon

Oil- 1 spoon

Water-for kneading the dough



  1. Mix wheat flour (or maida or you can mix both in equal proportion), salt, melted butter and water to knead the dough. Keep it for 10 minutes. (You can also use already kneaded atta dough also)
  2. Meanwhile, roughly crush the tikkis in a bowl and add mayonnaise, ketchup. Season with salt, chilli flakes, chaat masala and garam masala.Aloo tikki kathi Roll
  3. Take small balls of dough and make thin chapattis of around 6-7 inch diameter.
  4. Heat the flat pan and half cook each chapatti from both sides at low flame. Pour few drops of oil occasionally.
  5. Coat one side of chapati with ketchup and mayonnaise. Put 1 big spoon of the tikki filing on half cooked chapatti and roll it tightly.Aloo tikki kathi Roll
  6. Now brush little oil on the ready rolls and shallow fry on tawa or you can grill it for 1-2 minute.Aloo tikki kathi Roll
  7. Tasty healthy aloo tikki kathi rolls are ready to eat or pack for lunch.Aloo tikki kathi Roll