Bhel Puri Recipe | Bhel Puri Snack Recipe

Bhel Puri is the most commonly sold chaat at the Indian streets or chaat corners. Bhel puri is a toasted puffed rice dish common around Mumbai, India. This can be served as a side dish or as a snack too. This recipe is at the hit list among the children, making it a good evening snack for them.

The proportions of the various chutneys can be changed to adjust to your personal preferences. If you store the puffed rice, sev and papadi and refrigerate or freeze the chutneys, you can rustle up a heavy snack in a jiffy for your hungry kids returning from school or college. I have experimented with usual bhel puri recipe by adding corn flakes to make it more healthy for kids and hope your kids like it as my daughter loves this.

Bhel is combined with a variety of spices, veggies and chutneys in a paper cone and then topped with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice, masala, coriander, sev and papadi.


Steps to make Bhel Puri Recipe | Bhel Puri Snack Recipe

Dry roast the puffed rice (murmure) and flattened rice (chiwde) just enough to make them rice crisp. Do not brown them. Similarly dry roast the peanuts. Also you can heat oil in a flat pan and fry the peanuts.

Bhel Puri Recipe


Now add the corn flakes and navratana namkeen to the roasted ingredients. Add chopped onion and tomatoes. Season with salt and turmeric powder. Add chaat masala and ketchup.

Bhel Puri Recipe


To serve to your kids, cut lijjat papad into half and roast it.


Turn papad into the shape of cone. Fill it with bhel and garnish with lemon juice.

Bhel Puri Recipe

Bhel Puri Recipe


What we need to make Bhel Puri Recipe | Bhel Puri Snack Recipe

Ingredients required for Bhel Puri Recipe are simple and readily available in market or any super store near you- Puffed rice (Murmure), Flattened rice (Chiwda), Corn flakes,Navratna namkeen, Peanuts, Onion, Tomato, Salt, Chaat masala, Lemon, Imli chutney and  Lijjat papad (for serving)