Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup Recipe

|Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup Recipe|

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup RecipeSweet Corn Vegetable Soup Recipe- Clear Corn Vegetable Soup or Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup,  is a Chinese based soup recipe prepared with corn and other chopped vegetables.

Corn soup is a soup made of corn (typically sweetcorn). It was normally made in corn-producing areas of the world, but is now widespread because of greater corn distribution.

This soup is dominated by the crunch of vegetables and the lingering aroma of ginger and garlic sautéd in butter. This is very easy and flavorful soup recipe.



Sweet Corn-100 gms

Carrot-100 gms

Beans-100 gms

Onion-100 gms

Spring onion-50 gms

Water-750 ml

Corn flour-1 table spoon

Butter-1 table spoon

Black pepper powder-1/4 tea spoon

Salt- to taste



  1. Wash and Chop all the vegetables finely. Keep aside.
  2. To prepare starch, Mix corn-flour in 2 spoons of water with no lumps. Keep aside.
  3. Heat butter and chopped onion in a pan and cook at low flame until it becomes transparent.
  4. Now add chopped vegetables (except spring onion) and corns into the pan. Add water and boil.
  5. When vegetables start getting soften, add corn flour mixture. Cook the soup while continuously stirring.
  6. Once it starts getting thicker, Add salt and pepper. Cook for another 3 – 4 minutes and Serve hot with spring onion garnishing.