Steamed Vegetable Momo Recipe

|Steamed Vegetable Momo Recipe|

Steamed Vegetable MomoSteamed Vegetable Momo Recipe- Delicious healthy steamed vegetable momo recipe is a veg version of its original non-veg counterpart extremely famous in Tibet. But with its good taste and healthy recipe, it is very much loved snacks dish in hilly areas of India.

To experiment and change its original flavor, I have also tried its other variants like Fried Vegetable Momo, Chilly Vegetable Momo, Cheese Momo, Noodle Momo, Tawa Momo (Kothey).



All purpose Flour (Maida)-200 gms

Cabbage-1/4 bunch

Carrot-2 pc

Onion- 1 large pc

Nutrela (Soya)-10 to 12 pc

Ginger-1 inch stem

Garlic-2 to 3 pc

Vegetable oil-4 table spoon

Soya sauce-1 tea spoon

Tomato ketchup-1 tea spoon

Chaat masala-1 tea spoon

Salt-to taste



  1. Sieve flour in a plate, mix a tea spoon of salt, a tea spoon of oil and knead using water. Dough should be tight.vegmomo4
  2. Keep the dough covered for 10 minutes with wet muslin or cotton cloth. After 10 minutes take a spoon of oil in hands and knead the dough again for smooth texture.Exif_JPEG_420
  3. For filling, soak the nutrela in hot water for 5 minutes and peel, wash all other vegetables.
  4. Chop finely ginger garlic together and all other veggies and soaked nutrela together in a chopper or food processor.Exif_JPEG_420
  5. Heat a spoon of oil in a tadka pan. Add chopped ginger garlic and cook till golden brown at medium flame.
  6. Now add chopped veggies and stir at low flame until all water gets dried.Exif_JPEG_420
  7. Season the veggies with salt, chaat masala and soya sauce. Mix well.Exif_JPEG_420
  8. Close the flame and add a spoon of ketchup and mix well. Keep a side for filling.Exif_JPEG_420
  9. To make momo shell, take a small ball of dough and roll using rolling pin in the circular shape like poori making edges thinner than middle part.
  10. Put a spoon full of ready filling in the middle of rolled momo shell.Steamed Vegetable Momo
  11. Start binding the edges to make momo in any shape of your choice. I have tried some shapes for reference.vegmomo3 vegmomo2
  12. For steaming, boil glass of water in a deep pan or steamer. Put the sieve on top and sprinkle a pinch of salt in it to keep moisture in the steamer.
  13. Keep the momos in steamer and cover the lid. Steam the momos for 5 minutes at high flame.vegmomo9
  14. Close the flame and serve hot with momo chutney and mayonnaise.Exif_JPEG_420