Fried Vegetable Momo Recipe

Fried Vegetable Momo|Fried Vegetable Momo Recipe|

Fried Vegetable Momo Recipe- Delicious fried vegetable momo recipe is a deep fried version of its original steamed veg counterpart extremely famous in hilly areas. But with its good taste and healthy recipe, it is very much loved snacks dish in India.

For fried vegetable momo, I have used steamed momos here for deep frying, but you can go with raw momos also. To experiment and change its original flavor, I have also tried its other variants like Chilly Vegetable Momo, Cheese Momo, Noodle Momo, Tawa Momo (Kothey).



All purpose Flour (Maida)-200 gms

Cabbage-1/4 bunch

Carrot-2 pc

Onion- 1 large pc

Nutrela (Soya)-10 to 12 pc

Ginger-1 inch stem

Garlic-2 to 3 pc

Vegetable oil-for frying

Soya sauce-1 tea spoon

Tomato ketchup-1 tea spoon

Chaat masala-1 tea spoon

Salt-to taste



  1. For making steamed momos, you can go through this link: steamed vegetable momos
  2. For filling you can use some other variants also, like cheese or noodles.
  3. Once the momos are ready, Heat oil in a deep frying pan and put steamed momos one by one in pan. You can also use raw momos instead of steamed but I prefer steamed for better crisp and flavor.Exif_JPEG_420
  4. Fry momos from all the sides at medium heat till golden brown. As the momos are already steamed, they will get fried quickly. So keep a check while frying otherwise they can get burnt.Exif_JPEG_420
  5. Transfer momos in a serving plate and serve hot crispy momos with spicy red chilly momo chutney, red kachumber salad and mayonnaise.Fried Vegetable Momo